Learning to live small

It feels like spring is finally here, and with it a new resolution to get started on an idea that has been percolating in my head for a while now. I just moved to western New Jersey from western Montana. Harder even than leaving my beloved Rocky Mountains was giving up my 1300 square foot house for a 500 square foot apartment. As an avid gardener and plant geek I found it impossible to give up any of the hundreds of houseplants I had collected over the years, but fitting them all into my newer, tighter quarters has been a real challenge. I managed to shoe-horn them all in here alongside (and on top, and underneath) my furniture, hence the name of this blog. It occurred to me that a lot of folks in this area must have a similar issue- a desire to garden indoors and out, but limited space in which to do so. If I can do it in my tiny place anyone can, and maybe I can help. I’ll go into more detail as I develop my idea but for now thanks for reading, be sure to check back, and feel free to comment or question.

5.5.11 022a

Thanks, Kara